Why Votiva?

We are an energetic, dedicated team of highly experienced professionals who are committed to delivering the kind of service and results others just talk about. Our customers frequently tell us that we’re “not like other real estate agents”.

What we can do for you

Votiva Realty is an end-to-end business meaning that our clients are cared for every step of the way. There is very little that one of our clients has to do as we pride ourselves on covering all bases for you. Votiva realty can help you with:

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    ​Market information
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    Relevant research
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    ​Searching for a suitable location​
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    ​​Finding a block of land
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    ​Finding a builder
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    ​​Assit with pre-determined colour schemes to minimise costs
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    ​Designing the property to suit your budget and cashflow with the growth you are looking for ​
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    ​Design a property to maximise your tax depreciation allowances
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    Guide you through the contracts all the way to settlement
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    Refer you to a professional for legal and conveyancing advice
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    Through our sister company assist with loan applications 
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    Assist with loan approval through to settlement, liaising with lenders and solicitors
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    Act as project managers on your behalf during the building phase
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    Keep track of all progress claims and assist with lender paperwork and payment processing with ​your lender
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    ​Arrange Building inspections with a qualified independent building inspector prior to handover of your property
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    ​Arrange a Quantity Surveyors report to maximise your tax rebates
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    ​Referral to a Reputable Property Manager to attract good long term tenants
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    Monitor Portfolio growth and do regular reviews to ensure you maximise your investment opportunities and buy again as soon as possible if desired

The process varies from client to client depending on ​your specific needs, but generally it can take anywhere from 1-8 weeks to get up and running. While Votiva Realty don’t handle the property management of your investment themselves, they work with you in handing over the property to a selection of referral partners. This ensures you continue with the high level of service you are deserving of.

Benefits of working with us

There are a number of benefits for you when working with Votiva Realty. We can even help you secure land with a deposit as low as $1000 in some cases! All building contracts are ​fixed price contracts with no hidden costs so there are no surprises ​along the way. All contracts are also subject to finance approval from a lender of your choice.

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    ​We work with you to establish some tangible goals as well as a time frame within which you are ​wanting to achieve results.
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    ​Through our sister finance company, we assess your ability to leverage off savings or equity in existing properties.
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    We help to establish your ability to borrow and which lenders would be best to work with. This also forms part of a financial strategy that our finance company will develop for you including things like a mortgage reduction program if you have a personal home loan debt or consumer debt.
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    ​We establish what kind of properties would be most suitable based on your financial profile.
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    ​Share our property knowledge with you about what is happening in various areas and why growth is expected in those locations.
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    ​We source land and collaborate with designers and builders to create a product that would be suitable for you and produce the results you are looking for.
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    ​We will assist you throughout the process from initial acquisition ​to final handover of your property and guide you all the way until you have a tenant in your property paying rent.
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    Beyond this point our real estate and finance team is available to do annual reviews and assist you with all future purchases to grow your investment portfolio.

​Success stories / Video Testimonials

​"The Best Financial Decision I’ve Made In My Life!

​We bought 2 properties within a month and paid off our personal mortgage within 18 months. All the properties have performed the way they said they’d perform and we couldn’t be happier.


​"​Really, Literally Like The money Is Growing on Trees

​​You suddenly have all this money you didn’t realise you had. And it’ s not as if you’re earning any more money.

​​​G​rant & K​az

"We paid off more money than what we could of ever imagined!"

We have one investment property and about to look into buying another couple. 


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