​An example of one of our investment properties from 2017

Award Winning Builders & Land Developers

Votiva Realty choose not to work with one specific builder or land developer. Instead, as our clients needs are varied, we choose a builder or developer to suit these needs. Karen has developed relationships with many industry professionals over the past 20 years so you can be assured of a high quality product in a desirable location.


Karen and her team have been helping clients to reach their wealth potential for 19 years now. We have focussed predominantly on real estate in South East Queensland. This encompasses an area from Sunshine Coast in the north to Coomera in the South as well as specific locations east and west of this corridor.

The locations we have chosen all form part of an educated decision making process on where you will get the greatest result. These locations have a range of benefits for property investors including:

  • ​One of Australia’s largest growing populations
  • ​Excellent prospects for new jobs over the next ten years
  • Billions of dollars worth of infrastructure being injected into the economy
  • Australia’s largest medical precinct
  • 3 million visitors a year worth over $2.5 billion
  • Low rental vacancy rates resulting in high rent returns and ​cash positive portfolios
  • Excellent value for money
  • ​Young demographic profile
  • Low unemployment rates
  • Surf, sand and sunshine which makes these locations some of the most desirable in the world to live in and very attractive options for investors

​One of our investment property examples from 2017

Property Criteria

Votiva realty have developed a special 20 point checklist that covers all the specific property criteria needed to have a successful investment property. ​If a property does not meet at lease 17 of the 20 points then it doesn't get any further consideration.

​Example Packages

As an example of the type of results that you might expect to receive, we have included two case studies of recent clients and the success they achieved by partnering with Votiva Realty.

​Brian & Gail

Property 1:
Purchased a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 garage house for $461,900.

Rent return of $480 per week.
Situated in a high growth location where there are large infrastructure projects taking place that will create thousands of permanent jobs.  Today similar properties sell for $540,000 and that’s prior to any growth occurring from the infrastructure projects that will bring thousands of people into the area for employment.

Property 2:
Purchased a 3 bedroom house with a 1 bedroom granny flat for $555,465.
Rent return of $780 per week.
They were cash positive from day one based on their incomes and tax rebates.
Today, similar properties are selling for $695,000-$703,000, that’s growth of in excess around $140,000 in less than 2 years.

​Robert & Kelly

​Property 1:
Purchased a 3 ​bedroom ​house with a 1 ​bedroom ​granny ​flat for $583,488.

Rent return of $760 per week.
Situated in a high growth location with very low rental vacancy.  Today a similar property would sell for $695,000 - $705,000, that’s growth of in excess of $100,000 in just over 12 months.

Property 2:
​Purchased a 3 bedroom & 2 bedroom duplex for $574,900.
​Rent return ​of $760 per week.
​They were cash positive from day one.
​Once strata titled, the property was worth $360,000 for the 3 bedroom and $310,000 for the 2 bedroom. ​They enjoyed an uplift of $95,000 within a 12 month period.

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