Votiva Realty is led by Karen Anderson, one of Australia’s most experienced and high performing property investors. During the past 19 years, Karen and her husband Tom have completed extensive research in the property market and after years of investing and growing a property portfolio have devised a 20 point checklist of end-to-end property investment solutions.

Working fastidiously behind Karen is a full support team managing every aspect of the property investment process. The end-to-end nature of the business means that our clients are cared for every step of the way. Any enquiries are managed with a strict 24 hour turnaround so you can be assured of reliable support wherever you might need it!

By partnering with Votiva Realty, you can leverage off Karen’s experience and take advantage of her knowledge to minimise your risk and maximise your wealth.

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​Votiva Realty has been helping clients to reach their wealth potential for 19 years now. During this time, the team has focussed predominantly on real estate in South East Queensland. This encompasses an area from Sunshine Coast in the north to Coomera in the South as well as other select locations East and West of this corridor. Our team welcomes prospective investors from all of Australia, so you don’t need to live locally to take advantage of the services offered by Votiva Realty.

Tom & Karen Anderson

In 1999 Tom and Karen Anderson had just $12,000 to their name. Seven years later they owned 16 investment properties worth $6.5million with substantial equity in their portfolio as well as their principal place of residence.

During the GFC they utilised a lot of their personal wealth to fund their business and eventually sold some of their investment properties to minimise their debt. In 2011, they began adding to their property portfolio again but this time instead of buying units and townhouses they purchased stand alone homes to avoid body corporate fees and minimise their property expenses.

Over the years they also owned 4 homes that they carried out substantial renovations on to increase their value. When they sold these homes, the profits were tax free because it was their family home.

The above experience in buying and selling, combined with their discipline and rigorous mortgage reduction strategies, have enabled them to move to a beautiful 54 acre lifestyle property with it’s own private rainforest in the country.

​Today they own 13 properties producing a substantial passive income. Four of their properties are held in trusts to be developed at some future stage while one is currently being developed and will be sold for a capital gain so that they can do their next development.

At this point in time they are no longer acquiring properties to hold long term, they are now investing in small development sites to make chunks of money. Karen and her team are passionate about helping others achieve their investment goals and build wealth for their future.

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